Sunday, April 29, 2012

Social Media for Project Managers Book Study Starts May 13th

The Project Management Book Club has announced the upcoming online study of the PMI best-selling book, Social Media for Project Managers with award-winning blogger Elizabeth Harrin.

Social Media for Project Managers takes a never-before-seen look at the impact and possibilities of using social media for enhancing project delivery.

It is a book for project teams that investigates the role that social media plays in helping a project manager be more effective in his or her job. The internet has given us new ways to communicate with people and organize information, and as much of project management is exactly that, this book shows project managers how they can harness this new technology to enhance their ability to work effectively with others on projects.

Social Media for Project Managers covers three reasons why project managers should become involved with social media:
  • It enables the project manager to work more effectively
  • It enables other people to work more effectively
  • It positions the project manager as a 21st century professional in an increasingly competitive and crowded marketplace.
Readers can use this book in a practical way to improve how they deliver projects by:
  • Being more effective through the use of technology
  • Understanding the way other teams and individuals use technology and being able to tap into that to reduce rework, especially in the area of status reporting
  • Being aware of their online presence and using this to improve career prospects.
Don’t miss this opportunity to read and discuss Social Media for Project Managers with author Elizabeth Harrin. Join the study today!

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