Saturday, July 21, 2012

Tips for Managing IT Projects

By Ryan Sauer.

Managing IT projects has many similarities to other industry projects; however technical projects often require specialized skills to be successful. Understanding the project from an IT standpoint allows the project manager to recognize the possibilities and potential road blocks of the project.

As with other projects, knowing the characteristics of your team is important. Tech specialists have a reputation for being more introverted than their counterparts. However, they tend to be excellent problem solvers and more logically minded which is beneficial to any project’s bottom line.

Combining technical expertise with familiarity of the team will produce the best project manager for tech projects. An experienced PM should recognize the resources and potential barriers to determine a realistic action plan.

Maintaining focus on the management and leadership of your team, and staying aware of specific technical needs, you’ll be better able to manage scope and timeline of your project.

To stay on track you’ll need a well planned project, budget and your team. A few tips to manage your next IT projects include: