Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Lazy Fight

Funny story...

We are currently studying the book The Lazy Project Manager at the Project Management Book Club. I was working on writing one of the posts last night and my son stopped into my home office to talk. He noticed the book sitting on my desk and asked what it meant by 'lazy.' He asked if lazy meant that the project manager was a 'bad' project manager.

I told him that in this situation the term lazy meant smart. It meant that the project manager did things in a way that made the project much more organized and easier to manage for everyone involved. By doing this, the project manager and the team were more productive and were able to get more done with less effort.

"So, lazy means smart. OK" he said and then walked away.

Shortly after I heard my son and daughter fighting in the other room. When I came to check on them I heard my daughter saying... "I'm not lazy, you're the lazy one." In which my son replied, "Well, thank you!"

You see, they both had a different understanding. My son thought he was complimenting her by telling her she was lazy (smart) but she thought he was insulting her. I suspect a part of him knew she would take it that way and it was an opportunity to pick on his little sister without getting in trouble!

Regardless, I thought it was cool that he was interested. I hope he applies our little discussion and looks for easier and smarter ways do to things, not only in his future projects but also in his life.

As Peter Taylor probably says, "Have a 'lazy' day!"


  1. I have two teenage sons and, on those extremely rare occasions (ha ha) when they don't tidy their rooms, get out of bed before midday and generally be 'teenagers'it is so easy to accuse them of being 'lazy' to which they smartly reply 'Just being like you Dad - Mr Lazy!'


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