Friday, May 24, 2013

Project Management Book Club Shut Down

It saddens me to announce that after two years I have decided to shut down the Project Management Book Club. I think the club was a good idea, but I just wasn't able to figure out a way to get the level of participation that I desired. As a result, I've decided to direct my efforts elsewhere.

I'd like to thank the authors that allowed us to feature their books in the early studies:

Peter Taylor--The Lazy Project Manager
Elizabeth Harrin--Social Media for Project Managers
Todd Williams--Rescue the Problem Project
Gary Nelson--Gazza's Guide to Project Management

We also had about a dozen other authors and booked lined up. To you I am also greatful.

Finally, thank you to those that participated in the studies. I wish I had of come up with a way to make the experience more collaborative for you. I will continue to think about this and maybe someday come up with a 'round two' version of If you have any suggestions, please leave your comments below.

Until then,

Thomas Kennedy, PMP