Sunday, March 25, 2012

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Best Project Management Tools for the Low-Cost Startup in 2013
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Brendan Schneider
thumbnail dashburst­.com - Project Management is a beast. Communication, sharing documents, tracking time: managing a project can become a headache real quick. It's no wonder startups love to use project management tools (sp...
What is your Project Management Software tool of choice?
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Project Smart News
www­ - What is your Project Management Software tool of choice? Many of us are mandated to use whatever project management software our company uses, or our PMO has chosen, or in some cases what your comp...
Whitewater Projects, Inc. to Develop Agile Project Management Office Curriculum for Project Management Institute (PMI)
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Grandmaster PM
thumbnail www­ - The rapid pace of innovation and communication has forced businesses of all sizes to remain nimble and fleet footed -- to react to shifts in the marketplace and cause even bigger changes in return....
Why Ask "Why?" in Agile - Voices on Project Management
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Paul R. Williams
blogs­ - When we're first introduced to agile, we learn so many steps and procedures that it's easy to forget why they're useful. The exam to become a PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® asks questi...
The Parent Project: Month 2
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Cornelius Fichtner
www­ - Eight weeks or so in, and The Parent Project is causing a lot of debate in our house. Thanks for all your lovely comments and emails about Jack, and your advice about how I can use my project manag...

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