Friday, January 11, 2013

50% Discount on Gazza's Guide to Practical Project Management

The author, Gary Nelson, is offering a discount on his book, Gazza's Guide to Practical Project Management, to Project Management Book Club members participating in its upcoming online study. online study special! Gazza's Guide to Practical Project Management now 50% off Kindle and Paperback during the Project Management Book Study. (Original price $24.99 paperback/$9.99 Kindle). 

To get the discount, use the following links:

Order Kindle Version (read on almost any device!)
Order Paperback Version (Use code XRUSK3WH)

(Note that the paperback discount code only works on the above direct sales link, not on the Amazon store).

Thanks for participating in the study - I hope you enjoy the book!
Gary Nelson (Gazza)

You can also purchase the paperback version directly from Amazon or from Barns & Noble.

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  1. Just ordered my copy of the book. Looking forward to the online study.


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