Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Leader's Edge: Developing an Extraordinary Mindset

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Kevin Ciccotti about his upcoming leadership webinar, "The Leader's Edge: Developing an Extraordinary Mindset." I have followed Kevin for a while and love his innovative approach to building relationships for project success. I encourage you to block off some time to attend this webinar. Based on my past experiences with Kevin, it will be well worth your time! If you can't attend in person, leave me a comment and I will send you a link to the recorded version.

Here's the interview.


Thomas: Kevin, tell me what you've been up to since the last time we talked.

Kevin Ciccotti
Kevin: Well, I've definitely been busy, Thomas! I've been refining my one-day workshop, "The Human Factor in Project Management" and I've been fortunate enough to have several companies bring me in to lead the training for their project teams. I'm busy with more coaching clients, and working with some large organizations that have global operations. I've also been speaking at more chapter dinners and events, leading webinars for various PMI Communities of Practice, and I even had the privilege of speaking at the recent PMI Global Congress in Vancouver.

Thomas: Sounds like you've really been working a variety of channels in reaching out to Project Managers. What is the latest project you're working on?

Kevin: I have a new webinar coming up on Wednesday, December 19 that I'm really excited about. It's the first time I'm leading this one, and it really gets to the heart of much of my work with PM's and team leaders. I am taking some of the best of my work on leadership and creating a powerful 60-minute webinar that will deliver strategies that are on the leading edge of human development. It's called "The Leader's Edge: Developing an Extraordinary Mindset."

Thomas: Interesting title. Can you tell me just a little bit about it without giving too much away? After all, I'm sure you want people to attend!

Kevin: Ha ha, yes, I definitely want people to attend this one! Leadership is such a big topic, and always shifting in terms of how we define it. What I've noticed is that in today's rapid-fire, overworked world, it seems to be in high demand and short supply. At its core, leadership is really about influence. And, if we want to influence others, we must first learn to influence ourselves. I'll be getting at some of the strategies that project managers can use right now to become more influential in their own lives and in their organizations. I'll cover things such as: The three things that drive your emotions; How to change your emotional state immediately; and the #1 question that can change how you interpret your current circumstances.

Thomas: Sounds like you're going to cover a lot of territory in a short period of time, Kevin.

Kevin: Well, I have a philosophy of giving as much value as possible in all I do. I am always seeking to bring the most up to date tools and strategies to project managers, team leaders, and organizational leaders to help them cope with the issues that are challenging so many businesses today. I want people to be better prepared for the challenges, to create empowered relationships with their teams, and to maybe even have FUN while doing it. I know, I'm a radical... but that's how I've built my business and how I sustain it. I want people to know I deliver. And, because there is so much information packed into this webinar, I'll be recording it so that people can access it later and listen again to gain a deeper understanding of the content.

Thomas: When is it, and how can people register to attend?

Kevin: The webinar is on Wednesday, December 19, at 11:00 AM PST (2:00 PM EST). They can register online. It's quick, easy, and painless to sign up and best of all, it's FREE to attend!

Learn more about Kevin Ciccotti.

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